Our Mission

Bluewater Good Samaritan is a group of engaged volunteers from our faith-based community at the least risk for severe COVID-19 reactions working to bring groceries and supplies to those in high-risk demographics. We are focused on the elderly and immune-compromised, but are available to help anyone in need.


We want to minimize as much direct contact in our deliveries as possible. Your volunteer will call you to:

  • Confirm your delivery order 

  • Work out your payment method (pre-pay or reimbursement)

  • Get instructions for drop-off


Your volunteer will include your receipt in the delivery bag, leave the bag at your doorstep, and call you to let you know it's arrived.

Faith is Trying

Online Sunday Service Every Week at 9am


810 N. Vineyard Blvd. 

Honolulu, HI 96817